Corporate Events

Who says you can't mix pleasure with business? We will work with you to create corporate events that will help bring your team together.


Definition: Teamwork is a cooperative effort by members of a team to achieve a common goal. Teambuilding occurs when a group of people with complementary personal strengths commit to achieve certain focused performance results.

Objective: To get team members out of their comfort zone and help them to experience new awareness of their needs and how to meet them through team effort and “out of the box” training.

TEAM – the team that plays together stays together. Promote active learning through fun. Achieve higher retention levels through active & multi-sensory learning in a stress-free, non-threatening environment. Empower your dynamic employees by encouraging their creativity, their trust, and confidence in one another and their sense of achievement in accomplishing goals. Individual employees become high-performing team players moments after your event begins.

Each group will be broken into teams if they have not done so beforehand. Each team will come up with a name. They will explain to the group why they picked their name.

The day will have both challenges for each team as well as some games. Water balloon toss or trivia contests can be used to break up the challenges. Groups will perform challenges simultaneously. The winners will be voted on by the other team. At the end of each challenge each team will vote for any team other than their own to see who the winner is.

Let's Get This Party Started!

We can discuss all your options to make your event a success that your team will remember forever.

Team Building




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